Uthando Nesthembu

Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) - (Season 1 and 2)


A reality show that follows businessman Musa Mseleku and his four wives as they navigate a polygamous relationship; their family dynamic; staying true to tradition in a modern world and the sisterhood of the wives. Every week shows a different aspect of family life in their family home in Mtwntweni, KwaZulu-Natal. 

Musa Mseleku demonstrates how he is able to share his time equally amongst his wives on a daily basis, as well as providing for them equally. During the show we are let into the happy and the sad times including family celebrations, difficult discussions about happiness, loss and heartache, raising children, family celebrations and even lobola negotiations. 

Musa’s wives MaKhumalo, MaNgwabe, MaYeni and MaCele all have very different personalities adding some very interesting dynamics to daily family life.  MaCele is known as MaMkhulu, the first wife. Although the principle is equality amongst all the wives, the first wife, MaMkhulu, gets special treatment and through the season we learn why. MaCele is seen as strong and fierce. MaKhumalo as a sweetheart and outspoken. MaNgwabe is warm and light hearted and MaYeni is as intimidating even though she is also calm and nurturing.