The Big Secret

BET (DStv 129) (Season 1)

Emotainment Docu-Reality

The Big Secret a series filled with big revelations from surprise marriage proposals to shocking secrets as our cameras follow our resident presenter to those in need of help in letting the proverbial cat out the bag. 

Each episode follows the build-up, all the way to the final reveal, of one candidate’s big secret to their loved ones, friends or family. The type of secret being revealed on the show must be something that affects our candidate’s closest inter-personal relationships, making the stakes that much higher. Our presenter goes into each episode cold – even they have no clue as to what the featured candidate’s secret is, until he/she meets them. 

This series explores a platform for heavy hearted secret holders and special surprise givers, the support and encouragement of our resident presenter, as they face their life-changing task at hand.  Each episode features a candidate with the opportunity to reveal a secret or surprise to an unsuspecting recipient.