Reality Check

eTV (Season 1, 2 and 3)

Constructed Reality

Reality Check is an entertaining constructed reality series that documents the quest of three famous socialites who feel it’s time to give back and pay-it-forward. Their mission: to do fabulously good deeds as they know best in communities often forgotten. 

Their primary mission in this series: to spread their fabulousness in any charitable good deeds to charities that require it most. And how will they make this happen? The answer lies in their fame as no one turns down these sexy sirens. Their business connections, fame, and flattery will be used for good as they make small wishes happen with big impact. 

This series allows viewers to bridge an understanding between socio-economic and cultural values through honest and real interactions with township and small-town folk. The divas outbursts and the hilarious comedic bloopers provide a light-hearted platform for us to question our own value systems. Viewers not only escape into a world of outrageous socialite-behaviour but also gain an appreciation for the simpler things that life has to offer.