SABC 2 (Season 1 and 2)

Family Drama

Keneilwe Mogotsi, a hardworking single mother and teacher walks away from the abuse suffered at the hands of her husband and takes up the challenging task of becoming the principal of a rural school whilst still battling her inner demons. The school she moves to, Mamello High is struggling after the untimely death of its principal. She is over the moon when she receives the news about her promotion, but is soon taken aback when she finds out that the school she is being transferred to is in her former hometown of Sebokeng. The township is a kaleidoscope of emotions for her, it is also a place where she left the love of her life. She shakes off her negative feelings and thoughts and looks forward to going back home, besides, any place is better than the one she has been living in. 

Keneilwe hopes that the opportunity will take her and her son into a new space and place, away from memories of her abusive husband, an absent father to her son; away from the beatings; away from the shame of being in a failed marriage. 

Mamello High is a derelict run down school riddled with problems of bullying and drug use. Upon her arrival her approach towards the challenges that she faces is positive and energetic despite the attitudes of some of her fellow teachers and pupils. 

Mrs Dora Mashego has been the acting school principal for a few months and has been eying the permanent position. She seems to have it in for Keneilwe when she arrives at the school.  To make things worse, her husband is Keneilwe’s old flame Patrick. Keneilwe is genuinely surprised to discover that the feelings between Patrick and herself are not forgotten. 

Together, through the series, they face numerous challenges in the school ranging from drugs, gangs and teenage pregnancy. And even though Keneilwe is raising her son and trying to forget about her husband, who comes looking for her – she remains focused on the task of transforming the school.