Katch it With Khanyi

eTV (Season 1, 2 and 3)

Entertainment Magazine Show

Katch It With Khanyi presents entertainment news and tabloid gossip from the celebrity‚Äôs perspective in a refreshing tabloid talk show.  The series takes on the tone of a hilarious and bubbly chat with friends as Khanyi digs deep into the lives of her famous guests and also engages them on their opinions about entertainment news. From blissfully bitchy moments to compassionate insight, this talk show series highlights the tabloid world from the stars themselves.  In addition to this, Khanyi and her guests chat about the way they deal with issues that viewers can relate to such as: diets and weight fluctuation, work stress, parenting, pregnancy issues, health issues, divorce and relationships, moving house, interior design, what to wear and what not to wear, beauty tips, fitness, spirituality, love, life and everything else. 

Khanyi drives her interviews with her remarkably insightful commentary to her outrageous fabulousness to entertain viewers and guests in a series that entertains with gossip we all want to know.