B & B

eTV (Season 1)


Set on the “wrong side” of Muldersdrift; the Beseni family operate a one-star B&B that attracts a buffet of hilarious guests. 

32 year old Duma Beseni (communally known as Bosso) is an aspirational entrepreneur with many unfinished business ideas who wins the lottery. His mission in life was always to be the first black Sol Kerzner; an aspiration he kept since he watched Basetsana Kumalo take the Miss South Africa crown on TV at Sun City IN 1994. 

Before his winnings he lived in an outhouse behind his doting mother, Ma Mgcina’s, house in Kagiso. She has a sharp wit and tongue and very protective of those she deems respectable. Bosso ran her tuck-shop and made just enough to buy 1 x braaipack, 1 x bag frozen chips, 2 x loaves of bread, 6 x Black Label quarts, 6 x eggs and 1 x lottery ticket every week. It was routine but eventful --- winning R5 million in the lottery changed all this! 

His win enables his dreams to come to true...almost. He buys a three series BMW, a dilapidated B&B establishment and refurbishes it, an electric shaver and acquired a new wardrobe from Exact Stores. His new money helps him to even get a gorgeous wife, Nobuhle. 

As co-owner of B&B, 30 year old Nobuhle (known as Buhle) is not the sharpest pencil in the drawer. She is worldly from the big city lights in Jozi and married Duma Beseni (whom she alluringly calls ‘Bosso’) in a whirlwind romance. They had only dated for three weeks before their shot-gun wedding. She wanted to marry because she was already thirty and was desperate to change her single mother status to “Cuba”. They might not be the smartest couple but ignorance is bliss.